Our Process

Quick Estimate

Email us with a description of the solution you require and after a few questions we can provide a ballpark cost estimate.

Full Service

Initially, a cost estimate is created from a detailed Business Requirement Documentation (BRS) which has been supplied by the client. Should you not have such a BRS, a BRS Workshop can be facilitated by Riven OSS. Riven will subsequently produce a BRS and project estimate from this workshop. Once the client accepts the estimate and the required deposit is paid, follow-up meetings or, if required, a software development workshop will be scheduled. Riven OSS then produces a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document from which the actual development will occur.

Getting Started

  1. Project estimate
    Supply us with your BRS and we will give you a project quote.
    No BRS, no problem. Click here
  2. Software development documentation (SRS)
    We start the collaboration process to create the document our development team will use to build your system.
  3. Development & testing
    Our development team builds your system in modules. They test, we test, you test and we repeat this process until the entire system is completed.
  4. Go live!
    When all the testing is done and you've selected one of our [hosting options], we launch your system to the intended userbase.

Development Process

  1. Planning
  2. Design
  3. Modular development
  4. Modular testing
  5. Full system test
  6. Hosting set-up
  7. Training
  8. Release into the wild

It's all about the experience

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