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Business software requirement documentation (BRS)

To accurately estimate the cost of development, reputable software development companies will ask for a business requirement brief otherwise known as BRS. The skills to accurately create such a brief might not be something that you or someone within your organisation possess, so why not contact us for a discussion regarding a workshop to help with this.

Application hosting solutions

With their easy to use, flexible, cost-effective, reliable, scalable and secure hosting solutions, it was a no brainer to select Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our preferred application hosting partner.

We offer 3 simple to understand hosting options:

  • Self hosted with AWS
  • Riven OSS managed AWS server hosting
  • Riven OSS CPU scaling managed AWS server hosting

Contact us for more information.

Web (portal) application development

We create anything that runs within a web browser. Innovative cloud based solutions that work seamlessly across multiple devices.

Features & Benefits

  • Customer portals
    Allow customers to manage their own information and services
  • Online sales
    E-commerce solutions to allow sales of products to your customers, whether they are individuals or businesses.
  • Customer engagement
    Customer relationship management software custom designed for your business' needs.
  • System integration
    Bring your online, offline, back-office and various other systems within your organisation together in a single user experience.
  • Back-office software
    Allow your staff to access business information in a secure, controlled and centralised place by creating a bespoke system that fits your business requirements like a glove.
  • Reporting solutions
    Let your reports come to life with meaningful user-centric custom dashboards and Microsoft Excel reports.
  • Business automation.
    Automate repetitive tasks to reduce wasted time and effort, freeing up your staff to be innovative and focus on your business growth.
  • Logistics solutions
    Software should enhance the flow of products, services and information within a business. Too often businesses are required to change what works for them when implementing an off-the-shelf logistics solution. Rather create your own and make your software work for YOU.

Mobile application development

We create user friendly, native iOS and Android applications. These can be a standalone applications, or form part of your web portal application.

Features & Benefits

  • Offline & Online
    Require a mobile application that works with either full, limited or no connectivity?
  • Notifications
    Mobile application notifications should be part of a larger business strategy, we create notification experiences that result in meaningful interactions.
  • Native applications
    Making the most of your users' device hardware, native applications and access sensors for the best possible experience while not causing a drain on battery life.

E-commerce Solutions

With an ever evolving digital centric world, it's be time to move your business to where your clients are. In the cloud. We can help you take the leap into the exciting world of online sales.

Rapid application development

There are times when an idea is time-sensitive or a solution is urgently required. Riven OSS specialises in rapid application development, and without sacrificing on user experience or the product quality, we can pull resources and deliver your idea in record time.

It's all about the experience

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